Stuga Lisa

Stuga Lisa

Stuga Lisa is located in Dessel in what at first sight looks like an ordinary street. Except for that one house. The house where lavender, fresh herbs, and veggies grow wild in the front yard. We promise you’ll know exactly where you need to be without needing a house number.

Eco mindset


On a budget

max. 100 euro / night

Pet friendly

Bring your furry friend
*on request

Living outside

When you walk past the house into the garden, you immediately get the feeling of entering a different world. Stuga Lisa’s garden is a little piece of paradise. The permaculture garden catches the eye, and before you’ll know it reaches your plate. Lies & Hanno, the owners of Stuga Lisa, are such generous people. With a view over the fields, an outdoor kitchen with a beautiful long wooden table and vintage chairs, an outside cozy corner with a rocking chair, a bell tent, and a fire pit, the Stuga invites you to experience a more outdoor way of living. The kind of place where you can enjoy your freshly picked herbal tea while the bread is baking over the campfire, where you wake up and get your fresh eggs out of the blue egg cabinet in the chicken coop.
That kind of place is Stuga Lisa.

Swedish vibes

Stuga is the Swedish word for ‘Little red house by the lake’. The concept of the beautifully red-painted wooden houses that are used as summerhouses in Sweden, inspired Lies & Hanno with as a result: Stuga Lisa. The Scandinavian influences are integrated into the interior as well. The wood, the plants, the Dala horses in the glass cabinet, the books – Seriously, if you’re interested in nature, gardening and a sustainable lifestyle, it’s book-heaven in there – All of the above combined with characteristic second-hand finds and a healthy dose of DIY projects.
It all comes perfectly together. 


Nestor’s opinion

Dogs are not a standard thing but if you wish to travel with dogs don’t hesitate to ask Lies & Hanno, they are super sweet and if your dog does not go crazy about cats and chickens, they are most happy to welcome you. I was so excited to go, I’d never been to a Swedish inspired house before. I also have no clue of what a ‘Sweden’ is, but I discovered now that I love it! Hanno gave me a big stick and told me it was unbreakable. I’m a really good chewer but this wood, I have to say, was extra strong. Probably they were Sweden inspired too. Oh and furry followers, nearly everything in the garden is edible for our humans, so mind your toilet manners.

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The persons behind the cabin

Meet Lies, Hanno, Cato, Arne & Loes. The vegan family, the eco-warrior family, the raising awareness family. One thing is for sure, they have a vision, a big heart, and a major sense of creating and building a community. They are climate changers, not only in their own lives but also in inspiring many other lives. It’s wonderful to see how a family works together in being as self-reliant as possible. Everything that grows in their garden will be used, dried, or gets preserved. What remains is shared with neighbors, family, friends, and guests of the Stuga. It’s amazing to see how their children, who are young adults, are interested in inventing and creating a more conscious world. They have a great balance between scientists and intuitives in the family, for you to find out who’s who. If you love to meet people, have interesting conversations, share, and learn new skills then you’re probably really going to enjoy your stay at Stuga Lisa. This is the kind of place where you have deep conversations around the fire, where you can help out in the garden, have dinner together, or just retreat and relax with a book in the hammock. Definitely give them lots of love from us, when you book a stay at their lovely Stuga. 

So special to write a ‘curious’ about this cabin. We both grew up in this area for the biggest part of our lives so we know the region like the back of our hand. It was difficult because there is so much that we would like to share with you, but we managed to choose 1 coffee bar, 1 vintage shop and 1 forest for you.

De Zebra

Welcome to our favorite coffee bar. We know the owners personally and hanging out in this place feels like hanging out in the living room of friends and family. ‘De Zebra’ has a warm beating heart that keeps things alive. The interior is constantly under construction, new local art on the walls, raising money for a good cause, there is always something in motion. It is a city bird that has made its nest in a small town village. The kind of place that challenges ‘a village mentality’ with a daily dose of healthy chaos.


‘Het prinsenpark’,  215 hectares of nature. A giant nature reserve for those who love hiking, cycling, running and forest bathing. The park is also really fun to visit with children. There is always some fun interactive walk for the little explorers. Which is not only fun for them ofcourse, the grown-ups who haven’t lost their love for ‘exploring’ will understand! Whenever we’re around we go there because it’s one of the favorite spots from Nestor & Sallie. There is a large outdoor area for dogs which is the perfect place for them to go off the leash, run free and make new furry friends.

Expo 58

The shop is located in a city called ‘Geel’ on a 20 min drive from Stuga Lisa. The owner is such a friendly woman and her store is like a candy shop for everyone who loves retro, antique, vintage, gifts, collectibles, furniture & decoration. It’s impossible to ‘not’ find something at expo 58. One thing, the store is only open on saturdays from 10h till 17h or on appointments. So if you want to go there and snoop around on a weekday, don’t forget to call first.

There are 2 organic shops in ‘Mol’ not that far from Stuga Lisa. ‘Bio-planet’ is an organic supermarket and ‘Herba’ is the local nature-shop. But we would like to highlight some of our favorite farmers and initiatives here because we strongly believe that supporting your locals, is the most conscious way of consuming.

De Buurderij

Every Thursday evening, from 16.30h till 18.30h ‘The Buurderij’ settles down in Mol. The Buurderij is a farmers market that brings you closer to local farmers and their fresh products. They sell vegetables, fruit, dairy, eggs, meat, honey, bread all at fair and honest prices for the farmers. You must order your products online. Please note: if you want to pick up your package on Thursday, you must order on Tuesday before midnight. It’s a beautiful experience and a great way to meet the people behind your food and to discover a new way of eating that benefits nature & local agriculture.

Abdij Postel

The Abbey is located in the forests of ‘Postel’. We love to visit historical places such as abbeys, ruins and castles but, the reason why we love to visit this place is different. Postel Abbey started growing herbs in September 1994. Meanwhile, their herb garden has become a magnet for gardeners and herbalists. You can learn about herbs in a book but the full experience of reading, smelling and watching them at the same time is truly amazing, and possible at the abbey of Postel. They have a little shop where you can buy products made with fresh herbs from the garden. And if you’re not into herbs, the bread, dairy, honey, and beer also tastes heavenly. Heavenly straight from the Abbey.

Eeden Turnhout

‘Eeden Eerlijk & Ecologisch’ is an organic coffeehouse located in Turnhout, on a 30min drive from the Stuga. They serve honest coffee, fresh homemade lemonades, organic breakfast & lunch, and much more deliciousness. We love the zero waste mentality and the homey feel of Eeden. There is a corner saved in Eeden for local conscious concepts and artists to show and sell their art and products. If it’s honest, organic, local and if it has a big heart for our planet you can find it in Eeden. We like to call it ‘The conscious garden of Eeden.’ Seriously, the owners name is Eva and the name of the place is Eeden, that cannot be a coincidence.

Thank you for reading

Lot’s of love – the cabin couple