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Do you have your own cabin, project or business and want to bring your presentation and exposure to the next level? Are you looking for a unique and personal style, a new website, social media or even a cabin make-over? We can help you with that!

Photography & Video

We are offering beautiful and high quality photographs and promotional videos for your website or social media purposes.

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Branding & Website

Do you want a logo, a personal branding, a website that reflects the soul of your project or maybe a total make-over of your social media? We got it!

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Interior Design

We can help you with your interior design, object hunting, decoration or even brainstorming about your entire project and helping it flourish.

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Event design

Are you hosting an event and want to make it an unforgettable experience? Need help with decoration and making everything come together?

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Working on an article, blog or promotion and you can't seem to find the perfect words? We love the written word and you can hire us to help out!

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Full project design

This is for the dreamers, we join you from start to finish and make sure you are set with everything you need to make your project stand out!

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Jean-Michel has worked for more than ten years as a Senior Art Director with high-end clients, the likes of Apple / Microsoft / Instagram / Facebook / Google / Spotify / etc... He worked for 3 years in Los Angeles, America for multiple creative studios and is now offering all those hard earned skills for people to hire. He has an eye for great detail and immediately knows and feels what the client is asking for.

Lies has years of experience as a hostess and organizing events. From living room concerts to building up festivals, from programming personal growth courses to women's circles, from Sunday brunches to local markets. During her career as a Manager in an organic store, she also developed a sense of ambiance, she knows what works and what doesn't in a product branding, event, or interior. Her voice and gift for design is all about authenticity, telling the right story, and making it all come together.


We love our clients and have become close friends with all of them. We make it our mission to get into the skin of our clients and really listen to their story and intentions.

A project takes a lot of courage, persistence and a personal vision and we approach it as if it was our own project. We put our hearts and soul into everything we do and we want to leave you with a sense of proudness and accomplishment.

Let's work together and make things happen!