Maison Bellevue

Maison Bellevue

In the hills of the Morvan, one of the oldest areas in France, Maison Bellevue awaits you. The owners Elly and Jurriaan, created 4 different stays. Maison Bellevue, Maison Perdue, Marrakech and the little house we stayed in, Versailles. Each house, with trouvailles from antique stores, has its own personality but they all share the same warmth. A warmth that is undoubtedly the reflection of their makers.

Eco mindset


On a budget

max. 100 euro / night

Pet friendly

Bring your furry friend

Textures & engravings

‘Detailles in a little house called Versailles.’ The textures in this house are incredible. The brick walls, the old stone floor, the woodwork. Together with the warm lights they give the house so much character. Especially because of the drawings on the wall behind the fireplace and the little footprints in the floor. Elly and Jurriaan carved the drawings in the wall with some friends. The child’s feet in the stone floor are probably of a little rascal who (accidentally) walked on the drying tiles. It gives a special feeling when you think about how that little foot must be an elderly person by now. A person that might no longer be among us maybe, but its little foot is engraved forever.


Booking your stay with Elly and Jurriaan feels like getting in touch with an old friend. Their hospitality already appears in the first e-mail contact and gets instantly confirmed upon arrival. All new guests arrive on the same day and are invited around
a long table in the heart of Maison Bellevue. No need to say that the heart of a house in Burgundy France is the kitchen. Elly is an amazing chef and Jurriaan is the perfect host to make everyone feel at home. After this evening of sharing stories, food, and wine all the guests feel like neighbors. This creates that connected village feeling we often miss in our daily lives. That right there is what makes Maison Bellevue such a carefree place. You go your own way but you know the door is always open.


Nestor’s opinion

I loved it there! There was another dog named Borre and he looked a lot like me and then there was a small dog, Leetje, a bit older than me but really sweet. The people were super nice, definitely animal people, they even gave me cookies. What I also liked was the fact that there was a fence so I could just play and run around with my new friends without concerning my parents. Yes, I definitely give this place 5 paws!


The person’s behind the cabin

Meet Elly & Jurriaan! From the very first beginning of their relationship, they shared a dream of starting an inn someday. As it goes with dreams, they need time to unfold and meanwhile, life just keeps going. In the case of Elly and Jurriaan, instead of buying an inn, life first led them to a boat that became their home for almost 10 years. When the engine broke down, they decided to take the tent to the Morvan to camp there. During this trip in 1998, they bumped into Maison Bellevue. And so their camping adventure became a whole other adventure. The adventure of making an old dream come true. Since 2005 they receive guests on their magical domain, which is as characteristic as they are. Elly and Jurriaan know the region like the back of their hand. If you’re looking for fun day trips, they’ll be happy to help. Oh and for those interested in culinary tips, you’re definitely at the right place with these two.

The mystical atmosphere that roams over the fenced meadows slows you down and makes you wonder about a long-gone time. The mountainous landscape with far-reaching forests, lakes, and dams eases your mind. Retreat in nature and just wander around.


Charolais is a cow breed and finds its origin in the ‘Bourgogne’ region. It is one of the oldest and largest cattle breeds in the world.
They are just as friendly as they are big. So if you would like to make some friends during your stay in France, you should definitely have a chat with these kind animals! 

Lac de Settons

Just a 20 minute drive from Maison Bellevue you find lac de Settons. When the weather is nice this is a paradise for those who love water sports. Off-season there is no tourism to be found, just some fishermen. It’s a peaceful place to take a stroll among the stones. Make sure you see ‘Maison des Grands lacs du Morvan’, the dam and the bridge with its dreamy lanterns. You will feel like a character out of a Wes Anderson movie, we promise!


Nowhere else do you spot the word ‘Brocante’ more than in France. So if you love snooping around on flea markets you will definitely have a great time in the Morvan. Turn on your favorite music while you drive through the beautiful landscapes, hopping from town to town. Enjoy the road trip, bring a picnic and good luck hunting antiques!

The area around Maison Bellevue is a treat for the conscious consumer. Down in the village, Moux en Morvan, facing each other you can find the town’s bakery and the cheese shop. In the second shop, you can already find, besides a whole range of artisanal cheeses, a super cute local brand selling organic jams, tea mixes, herbs, and honey.

Zuppa Zuppa

‘Zuppa Zuppa’ is an organic restaurant in Autun just an hour from Moux en Morvan where Maison Bellevue is located. You can go there for breakfast, lunch, and diner. It’s colorful and cozy and the people are super friendly. But most importantly, the food is delicious. Every day they offer several vegetarian dishes to choose from, it’s almost impossible to choose because it all looks and tastes super yummy. Make sure you eat a dessert, it’s their specialty and they even sell them in gift boxes. Good idea if you want to take home a souvenir!

Morvan Bio 

In Autun you can also find an organic supermarket. We say supermarket because they sell everything. Healthy food, care products, natural supplements, really everything. They even offer you an extensive range in bulk. The store has a very warm ambiance. It feels like a big farm shop, which they basically are since many of the products being sold in this store are local products. Be prepared for spending quite some time in this beautiful shop.

Au Coin Bio

If you are looking for healthy food closer to the house, you can drive to Saulieu which is only a
20-minute drive. There is a cute organic shop called ‘Au Coin Bio’ that has just about everything you need. It’s located in the ‘rue de Marche’, among all the other stores. If you love organic shops it’s gonna give you a wonderful feeling to find this little store in a place where you might not have expected it. Make sure to bring your own basket or bags since the store is in the middle of the center, and there are no carts!

Thank you for reading

Lot’s of love – the cabin couple