Lief Huisje Zeeland

Lief Huisje Zeeland

This tiny house in Zeeland is located in a miniature village with only 22 houses. ‘Lief huisje’ is number 21 and feels like a little box filled with cozy memories, as soon as you open the door they come to live. The interior is a personal collection of secondhand treasures, all with their own unique story. The warmth of both the house and the owner, Iske, makes you feel right at home.

Eco mindset


On a budget

max. 100 euro / night

Pet friendly

Bring your furry friend

Authentic interior

This little house is filled with curiosities. We like to see these objects as the keepers of secrets, watching us from their shelf. Imagine all those stories, if only they could tell. Well maybe they can`t but Iske, the hostess of Lief Huisje, can! She is so passionate about the interior of the house, she is happy to tell you about the history of her finds. Our favorite story was definitely the one about the kitchen cabinet. It was a family piece and since Iske and her cousin both loved it, he decided to cut it in half. These are the things that bring a house to life. This is why we love to meet the owners of the places we visit. It’s them and their stories who make the place magical.

Romantic bath & bedroom

We can’t help ourselves to put this part of the house in the spotlight. The romance in which this space immerses you is perfectly balanced. It’s the perfect kind of romance to spend time with your loved one. It is also the perfect kind of romance when you need a self-care retreat with a good book, a cup of tea and some candles. The bathroom cabinet with an extraordinary sink is an absolute masterpiece, something we haven’t seen before. When we discovered this we looked and played with it for half an hour. It’s so enchanting and on top, it’s super functional. We absolutely recommend sleeping and bathing under this cute roof.


Nestor’s opinion

THE SEA ?! Are you kidding me?! That’s water and sand combined, that’s like my favorite kind of nature! Iske immediately gave me a belly rub when she welcomed us, so I really like that lady. The stairs were a bit scary but I don’t know if I was actually allowed up there so maybe I shouldn’t write this. Anyway, if it was scary for me I would not recommend the house if you have little children. Baby’s, since they can’t walk, and older kids are fine. Also, they did some good ‘fur drying thinking’ with installing floor heating. Smart people, I loved it! 5 PAWS!

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The person behind the cabin

Meet Iske, she’s as sweet and charming as her tiny house. Well, that’s probably the other way around. Lief Huisje definitely reflects her enthusiasm, her eye for detail, and her authentic soul. Besides ‘Lief huisje’ she also owns ‘Wit huisje’, she lived in both of them before she started renting them as getaway spots. That’s without a doubt why this house felt like a home and not like a holiday house. Right now she and her partner are working on ‘Bakhuisje’ we got a little sneak peek and immediately fell in love with this project. Can’t wait to see the result! Iske’s personality really moved us in many ways. She’s a warm-hearted honest woman with a natural gift of putting other people’s talent in the spotlight.

Zeeland radiates a serene atmosphere with its wide views and picturesque houses. Nature is left in its purity here, which is a big difference from many other seashores that are built into tourist attractions. Here is a collection of our favorite discoveries while we were exploring the area of Lief Huisje. Places that sparked our imagination and are just that little bit different!

Lighthouse Breskens

We went there on a rainy and stormy day which gave our visit an extra magical touch. But these beautiful towers are always worth a visit. The beach walk in untouched nature with the sound of the waves is the perfect getaway if you need some fresh sea air. The lighthouse is only a 10-minute walk from Loods 10. A cozy beach lodge where they serve you drinks and food with a sea view.


Ferini is a concept vintage store with a great love for theater and art. The owners Rini and Heleen are such warm people. You can tell they are the kind of people that kept their inner child alive. Sparkling eyes and forever curious. There is an upper section filled with books and curiosities and in the lower section, you will find their beautiful collection of vintage and antique. If you love to go secondhand hunting or you wish to find a fun souvenir for home, you should definitely visit Ferini’s!

Spotting Seals

You can spot seals in Zeeland, how cool is that? In Nieuwvliet there are some viewpoints over the sandbanks where they gather. There is a giant binocular on the lookout spot ‘Hoofdplaats’ that provides you a golden tip. There are 2 white arrows on there, one on the top and on the bottom. The bottom one gets moved by the locals so that if you match it with the upper one you’re binocular is focused right on the spot where these beautiful animals are flocking together.

In some places, a sustainable lifestyle is already ingrained and you can easily find organic shops or restaurants through the internet or social media. In other places, though, it’s a matter of connecting with the locals or just simply being lucky. In this case, it was the second option. We felt like 2 journalists who followed up one tip after another and it led us to people who put up admirable initiatives in their own beautiful way.

Centrum Qi

Centrum Qi is much more than an organic coffeehouse. They serve healthy lunch, vegan high tea and organize numerous courses on natural health and lifestyle. We met Petra the owner, a sweet and passionate woman who is committed to raising more awareness about sustainability in Zeeland. With ‘Vroem’ she creates an alternative solution for the lack of public transport in Zeeland and she’s also working on a bike tour along all the conscious spots of Zeeuws Vlaanderen. A woman dear to our hearts!


“Organic vegetables from own yard!” We made a huge U-turn when we read those words on a cute blue booth next to the road. ‘Bijeen’ is a local collaboration with 2 organic farmers from the region. To be able to answer the high interest for these products they created this self-serving concept. You take what you need and leave your contribution in the little red money box. We loved this!

De 6 Linden

Since we love organic and local food, Iske highly recommended this place to us. De 6 Linden is a farm that’s being transformed in a restaurant, B&B and paradise on earth by Jesse, Eelke and their families. We were in Zeeland off-season so they were closed when we were around. But don’t worry! We already let them know we will be back, Iske’s enthusiasm made us too curious not to find out! So that review is coming your way soon.

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Lot’s of love – the cabin couple