Les cabanes de rensiwez

Les Cabanes de Rensiwez

Deep in the woods of the Belgian Ardennes, you find Les Cabanes de Rensiwez. Each cabin has its own story to tell. With their unique medieval forest interior and personalized names, these cabins are really something else.

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Medieval figures

Among the soothing sounds of the forest and the Ourthe, you will find one dream cabin after another. The moment you arrive on this incredible domain in the middle of nature, it will feel as if you’ve entered another era. An era were mythical creatures wandered through the woods. A time were knights fought for the hand of a princess. Were the king came home to his cave after a day on the battlefield being courageous and brave. Imagine yourself as a medieval figure, when you are bathing in the gigantic stone bathtub. Fall asleep in the robust cupboard bed, with dreams of conquering land and fighting dragons to save your loved one. And of course, live happily ever after.


On this domain, a peek around every corner will fill you with wonder. The woodwork on the cabins, both inside and out, is truly impressive. The forest is fully integrated into the interior and therefore immerses you in the world of nature. It slows you down, to be home among the trees. It reminds you of the things that really matter, the small things. The joy of seeing an animal passing by. Spotting birds and hearing them sing their most beautiful songs. Falling asleep with the whispers of the wild. Branches dancing in the light of the moon and their shadowplay playing a goodnight story on your bedroom wall. In this woodland, if you listen carefully, you will hear your own wild nature calling. Answer! and go out for an adventure.


Nestor’s opinion

Unique forest cabins that welcome dogs, that is so cool! Also, this is the best place ever if you love medieval roleplay! Since my humans felt like a king and queen I tried to play horse but a royal horse wasn’t really working for me, too serious. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be until we went on a fairy hike! That’s where I discovered my perfect alter ego, The beaver! Oh my dog-god, those animals are brilliant. How come I never came up with combining my 2 favorite things in the world, swimming and chewing sticks! I absolutely loved this trip!

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Cabin Fever

There are cabins next to the river, cabins on the hill, a treehouse, a bear cave and an old mill housing 6 exclusive rooms. Each one unique, each with its own name. The domain is a super large fairytale-like forest, you should definitely take a walk around the park to soak in the beauty and to spot all the cabins. Make sure to book in time if you want to visit ‘Les Cabanes des Rensiwez’ because they are a great success, and that’s completely justified!

This place does not only look magical, some legends make us believe it really is a magical place. According to local folklore, the area where ‘Les Cabanes des Rensiwez’ is located was once visited by fairies and witches.

The valley of the fairies

Next to Houffalize, at the end of the Fairy valley, there’s a little village called Achouffe. The brewery from the famous Belgian leprechaun beer L’achouffe is located in this village. It’s here that the most magical hike we’ve ever done in Belgium starts. It is called ‘the valley of the fairies’ and we completely get why, so enchanting! The landscapes are constantly changing, making it seem like you are visiting several magical worlds in one day. During a big part of the hike you walk next to the river, which is without a doubt inhabited by diligent wood artists. The number of beaver dams you can spot is insane! From the river you walk into the green moss-covered pine forest. Don’t forget to take a moment when you reach treetop heights. The valley views are amazing. The oak forest with thick roots that peak above the surface will lead you back to the river. You can choose to walk 6 Km or 10 Km, we recommend adding some extra time to your normal walking pace. This fairy hike is so mesmerizing that you’ll probably completely lose track of time!

At your arrival, you pick up the keys of your cabin in the little shop out front. It’s also the place where you need to be for any questions you might have. Besides being an information point, they sell a charming range of organic and local products. You should definitely check it out.

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Lot’s of love – the cabin couple