Le petit CC

Le Petit CC

Somewhere in the fields of Northern France, a litte dream on wheels is enjoying the silence. It wakes up with nothing but the sound of nature, clears its mind by staring at the wide views over the french hills, ends days with magical sunsets and falls asleep under a sky full of stares.
Patiently waiting for you to share all off its beauty with. 

Eco mindset


On a budget

max. 100 euro / night

Pet friendly

Bring your furry friend

Kitchen Heart

A kitchen is often the heart of a home, the space where people connect. The kitchen of ‘Le Petit CC’ literally connects all parts of the home with eachother. The bedroom is on a higher level on one side and the bathroom part is on the other side.  The kitchen itself, in the middle on a lower level, opens onto the outside terrace where the pond is. While you’re cooking you have a marvelous view over the horse field. We love the materials used in this kitchen. The wood in combination with the brocante wall tiles, the sheepskins on the benches, the unique objects each telling its own story,  Sylvia & Frans really know how to create a warm atmosphere. 

Characteristic details

“Often the smallest things can make the biggest difference”
A small object can become of such big value once you get to know the story behind it. The owners of Le Petit CC traveled a lot and you can feel that travelers’ heart beating in this tiny home on wheels. Questions we asked a lot when we got to meet Sylvia & Frans were: Where did you found this, how far did it travel, who gave it to you, how old is it,… They brought so much culture together in one home and managed to create a little world on itself out of it. Enter this little paradise with eyes full of wonder and be enchanted by the characteristic details, take it all in and enjoy!


Nestor & Sallie’s opinion

Nestor : This cabin was the best thing ever! You could basically jump into the water, straight from out of the bedroom.
Sallie : Yeah, and that’s exactly what you did all day! I thought you were going to teach me all about being a cabin couple dog.
Since this was my first cabin ever!
Nestor : I did! I told you to watch and learn. If Mom and Dad book us a cabin with water, we swim all day.
That’s not that difficult to understand!
Sallie : Oh okay, so we swim all day or we show off how good we are at jumping into the water?
Nestor : Very funny little sis’, very funny.

The persons behind the cabin

Meet Sylvia and Frans, a dutch couple that traveled the world and bought a dreamhouse called Casa Caminante in the North of France, 30 years ago. So for the last 30 years, these two have been traveling between the Netherlands and France and are fully integrated into the French countryside. Casa Caminante, therefore, feels like a real home. They welcomed us with such enthusiasm, curiosity, and hospitality. They are very sweet people, true bon vivants who like to meet people, exchange stories, and enjoy cozy moments. They are happy to tell you all about their travels, their extraordinary interior finds, and about how their dreams & ideas turned into reality. It’s very inspiring to hear them tell about the origin of ‘Casa Caminante’ and ‘Le petit CC’. Beware, because they are so inspiring that after a visit you will probably want to buy a piece of land in France yourself!

We didn’t have to look far to find other magical curiosities as Sylvia and Frans are also the owners of Casa Caminante and the incredibly beautiful yoga space that comes with it. So if you wish to travel with a larger group of family and friends or if you are planning a yoga retreat, then you should absolutely check out their website.

Casa Caminante

We met Sylvia & Frans in their home called Casa Caminante and were just stunned by the place. You can rent the house with 14 people, it has a yoga studio, a beautiful garden, and the interior is just ‘waaw’. So many perfectly placed details. For a moment we felt as if we were walking around in a museum. The owners traveled a lot and everything tells a story from on their travels. So if you want to go on a yoga retreat or a holiday with a group of family and friends we definitely recommend renting this unique casa!

Yoga space

Among the trees, in the garden of Casa Caminante, is a beautiful workspace that is perfect for yoga, meditation, and other body-mind & soul work. It’s a spacious room with lots of light and is also equipped with a kitchen, shower, and toilet. If you want to plan a retreat in nature in a beautiful and peaceful setting, this is the place.

Thank you for reading

Lot’s of love – the cabin couple