Maja’s hideaway

Maja’s Hideaway

There is a place in the dutch forests where you’d forever want to stay, this magical cabin is called ‘Maja’s Hideaway’. It’s located in Lieren, about 15 minutes from the city of Apeldoorn. But don’t worry, there is no trace of city life here. This woodland area called the Veluwe offers you the perfect nature experience.

Eco mindset


On a budget

max. 100 euro / night

Pet friendly

Bring your furry friend

House of glass

A little house of glass where you can hide when it gets dark outside. This little forest house was a complete upcycle project. The whole cabin is built with reusable materials. Put together they form the heart of this cozy hideaway! Well, that and the fact that it was, besides an upcycle project, also a ‘big family boy project’. Jaap the father and his oldest son Maarten, worked almost every weekend on MAJA which is a combination of their names. The 2 little boys Rafi and Archie were constantly around, observing, learning and helping. Archie, who was 2 back then, became inseparable from the screwdriver. He used it in every way he could and in every possible way he shouldn’t. To keep the motor running, there was mom! Doing the shopping, picking paint, and providing her boys with food after all the hard work. So a family project, built with reusable materials in the middle of nature. We promise you it’s as warm and loving as it sounds!

Writers nest

No tv, no distraction, only a warm nest, nature and with a bit of luck some visitors from the animal world. Catch the first rays of sunlight on the terrace as you wake up slowly, convincing yourself that you’re not dreaming. This hideaway is the perfect romantic setting for creative souls. The shadowplay of the sun, the glass, and the trees there is no better muse than mother earth herself. Visiting Maja invites you to dive into your creative bubble whether you are a writer, a musician or a painter. Your imagination can run free in this forest, and yes! it’s absolutely normal if you feel like you’ve entered your own fairytale. For those who like some mediation or yoga to tune into their flow, cushions and yoga mats are standard to be found in Maja’s Hideaway.


Nestor’s opinion

A house in the woods, with glass windows, you know what that means, right? I could detect every movement through those big windows. I have to say I get enthusiastic quite easily. But there’s nothing wrong with having a good bark at the wind. Or birds. Or shadows. Or creaking branches. Okay, I admit maybe I did it a bit on purpose but my humans have a good taste for humor so they thought it was funny. Don’t worry barking wasn’t my only activity, the forest around Maja is super big so we did some outside exploring followed up by family cuddles on the cozy carpet. Definitely a winner, this cabin!


The person behind the cabin

Lucinda lives in Amsterdam but grew up in the British countryside. She didn’t want her kids to become city-kids so she and Jaap, the father and her awesome business partner, started looking for a nature getaway. After a year of searching, they found a magical piece of land in the Veluwe. When they drove up there, the kids and the dog immediately got out of the car and ran off into the forest. Soon to be their little forest. The Gingerbread huis, a sweet wooden cabin which is also available for rent, became their forest home. A bit deeper in the woods, a steel frame slowly getting eaten by nature, sparked Lucinda’s imagination. She started dreaming of a cabin that blended with the forest, a place where you could observe nature without interfering. Jaap offered all types of technical logistical advice to field teams around the globe, during his career with Médecins Sans Frontières. So there is no better guy for building a glass framed house with reusable materials. And so 2 people sitting on a steel frame in the woods, drawing out a dream on a piece of paper, created a magical cabin in the forest.

MAJA has a ‘check-in yourself’ system. Lucinda is a wonderful hostess so reach out to her if you have any questions, she’d love to help you along. Maja feels like a funky English place, unique, welcoming and characterful. Which is a great metaphor for how we experienced our contact with Lucinda!

Thank you for reading

Lot’s of love – the cabin couple