Fisherman’s Rest

Fisherman’s Rest

In Hoeilaart, near Brussels, hidden in the garden of Cécile and Michel you will find the Fisherman’s rest Cabin.
This treasure chest of antique objects is wrapped in a rustic wooden exterior that takes you back to the world of the early pioneers.
With the right amount of imagination, it almost feels as if you are fishing in Norway, looking for gold in Alaska, or even meditating in a Japanese garden. 

Eco mindset


On a budget

max. 100 euro / night

Pet friendly

Bring your furry friend


We guarantee that your heart will skip a beat as soon as you enter the driveway. The owner’s house dates back to 1924 and has been renovated to its original state. It is an enchanting scene, this authentic villa, with in its garden, an equally authentic cabin. The enchantment reflects throughout every single object that you will find. Clearly the owners of this cabin have a nose for antiques and brocante. The atmosphere of the cabin is so well reflected in its objects. We love the attention for detail. Rarely you find a cabin with such a well executed theme.

Cozy corners

The original plan was to build a treehouse. But because the tree was not suitable for that, they had to reinvent their dream of a cabin that would merge with its natural environment. That’s how, by the pond where the sunbeams reflect on the water, the fisherman’s rest was born. Vincent Matijs from Kaza Nous, built the first part with the bedroom in 2005. Then, years later in 2014, the cabin got extended with a kitchen, bathroom, and a living room. It’s a masterpiece filled with cozy corners. The office space has a window view over the fields, perfect to relax while checking of your to-do list or writing that new novel. The bedroom, with its cupboard bed, is by far the most romantic spot in the cabin. It’s overflowing with character and details. We immediately fell in love with it!


Nestor & Sallie’s opinion

Sallie : Oh man, how lucky am I! 
Nestor : Visiting cabins is awesome right? 
Sallie : Yeah, I’ve had such a good time, this cabin was amazing! Nestor : It really was, I loved the big off-leash dog meadow that was just 2 blocks away. What did you like most about this cabin? Sallie : Meeting new species.
Nestor : Ehm, what new species did you meet Sallie?
Sallie : I met ‘a Romeo’ and an orange underwater dog that couldn’t bark but blew bubbles instead.  Nestor : You mean you met the cat called Romeo, and you saw a fish? Sallie : What’s a fish? Nestor : Oh good dog god.

The persons behind the cabin

Welcomed in a beautiful home and being presented with tea and cookies out of a vintage box, we listened with our greatest attention to the stories of Cécile and Michel, the owners of The Fisherman’s Rest cabin. They have lots of travel experiences themselves, lived in Africa for 6 years and now that 2 of their children live in Morocco they travel there regularly to spend time with the family. They are antique hunters with an eye for the best objects and they are the most kind-hearted hosts. We spent the afternoon talking about brocante, antiques, the renovation of their home, the building process of the cabin, and of-course about how to make a better local community starting from your own home. These two have done it all and it’s people like them that fill our hearts with joy and good hopes for the future! 

The ‘curious’ that comes with the Fisherman’s rest cabin is apparently one with a lot of history and fun facts. You know we’re always in for a good story, and the stories that came with the greenhouse and the forest were our favorites! 


The local area, where the Fisherman’s Rest cabin is situated, is known for its old greenhouses. Back in the days, they were specifically used for the cultivation of grapes. It was such a big success that in 2 years’ time the grape farmers became rich. That’s why there are many villas in this area. These so called ‘greenhouse villas’ are now even protected by the Belgian government.

Cecile and Michel bought their house in ’86 and renovated it to its original state, it is the only house in the area that is a complete original both inside and out. From the 26 greenhouses that once stood on their property one of them is still intact. The owners transformed it into a magical place that you can rent to host your own unique events or celebrations. We can definitely see ourselves dancing here by candlelight while enjoying the sky filled with stars


From the Fisherman’s cabin, it is only a 10-minute walk before you reach the largest beech forest in Belgium called ‘Het Zoniënwoud’. In 2017, these forests became UNESCO World Heritage Sites. ‘Het Zoniënwoud’ remained almost completely intact until the 15th century. It was in the hands of dukes and earls who used it as hunting grounds. It has so much history. In Roman times, the forest stretched from the banks of the Rhine and Moselle to the North Sea, today it reaches out over an area of 4,421 hectares. It is impossible to wander through these woods without wonderment. The old trees, the horse tracks on the forest paths, we immediately imagined ourselves in a different era.

Thank you for reading

Lot’s of love – the cabin couple