About us



Two loving souls watching the world with eyes full of wonder. Capturing stories of magical places to create a travel guide for conscious and curious minds.



Once upon a time, there was a Falcon who worked as an art director in America and a Heron who ran a team and an organic shop in Belgium. In march 2019 without knowing each other, they both decided to completely change their lives. They quit their job and said goodbye to the life they had been living so far. The Falcon moved back to Belgium, his home country. The Heron swapped her house for a house on wheels and started preparing for a life on the road. But for some reason, the universe wasn’t working with her. Due to a few circumstances, her departure kept on being put off. It felt as if something was holding her back. Meanwhile, roaming around in forests and climbing gyms, the Falcon was adjusting to his life in Belgium again. They’d lived different lives but their hearts yearned for the same. She was still trying to define exactly what she was searching for. He already had a very clear view of what that was. So one day The Falcon wrote the Heron. And in that writing, the Heron found all her answers.

On a brave day, they decided to meet each other. Both aware of the fact that this moment would possibly change their lives forever, and so it did. They became inseparable and discovered that their lives had been running parallel to each other for as far as they could remember. They grew up in the same village, been among the same groups of friends but never had the encounter. They believe life was preparing them. Lessons needed to be learned so that when they would find each other they would be ready. Ready to learn, grow and heal together. To intertwine with their other half. For the Falcon to integrate the moon into his sun. For the Heron to integrate the sun into her moon.

So now these two adventurous spirits are creating the life they always dreamed of. A life on the road guided and surrounded by nature. A life in which their creativity and love could flow freely. Where they feel most alive so that they can transform that energy in a way that contributes something to society. From this dream, “The Cabin Couple” was born.


capturing - sharing - connecting

We want to create a travel guide for conscious minds who wish to continue their sustainable lifestyle when they are on vacation. While exploring low impact ways of living, we travel around in our house on wheels to find the most extraordinary eco- and dog-friendly getaways all over Europe.
Besides a conscious travel guide, we also want to create a platform where we can put inspiring people in the spotlight: craftsmen and women, eco-warriors, dream chasers, creative inventors... We want to capture the stories of all the unique people and places that cross or path, and draw them out on a map. So you can find them, so they can find each other and so together we can build a more sustainable world by sharing our magic.



Lies is an intuitive woman who sees the world as a big magical book full of stories. She loves singing, organic shops, children’s books and feeling the wind on her skin. As a natural health therapist, she is fascinated by nature and all the wisdom it holds. With ‘Magic In Motion’ she hosts women wisdom circles and women roots unraveled workshops. Her personal playground where she can share her love for storytelling and her passion for empowering feminine energy in our fast-moving society. She’s a curious and conscious soul forever observing the world around her.



Nestor is a sweet, goofy bear and the light of our family. He goes completely wild about swimming, hiking and rolling around. Besides being sweet and smart he is also a very intuitive dog and acts like a big mirror for Jean-Michel & Lies. Nestor is everyone’s best friend and makes buddies everywhere he goes. He is such a loving pup and when it’s time for naps or snuggles he makes sure he gets the best place. Known as a toy expert, he takes on any challenge to test the resistance of a dog toy. Usually, toys only have a lifespan of 1 hour with this guy. Anyone up for the challenge?



Sallie is a resque puppy from Romania and she found her new home with us when she was 8 months old. She is super sweet and loving with a playfull will of her own. She is very loyal to our family, protective of our house on wheels and loves her big brother Nestor. Waking up and goofing around with her brother is her favorite activity. She also adores food, if she was a human she would probably go to a restaurant every night. Our little wolf also loves to wander in nature, chase after grashoppers in the cutest way and cuddle up with us after long play and swim sessions.



Jean-Michel loves hiking, rock climbing, skiing and exploring nature. One of his favorite things to do is snooping around for vintage furniture, lamps and weird looking objects on local flea markets. The spiritual world and motivational speaking is no stranger to Jean-Michel, he truly wants to leave a lasting impact on this world. He is very passionate about design, art, photography and cinematography and has a career as an international Senior Art Director, working with renowned companies. He simply loves pictorial storytelling.