We invite you to explore all the cabins & hideaways we have personally selected, visited and reviewed.

EYE for detail

Unique Selection

Every cabin we visit must meet certain conditions to qualify for our conscious and curious travel guide

Eco mindset

We are looking for conscious concepts, the inclusion of organic and local products, the use of sustainable materials or just that small loving effort that makes all the difference.

On a budget

To make sure everyone can enjoy our selection of cabins we always look for affordable stays. The cabins with the 'on a budget' icon have a maximum price of 100 euro a night.

Pet friendly

Our dogs Nestor & Sallie are part of the family and are born travellers. We wouldn’t want for them or your furry friends to miss a good adventure so all the cabins we visit are pet-friendly.


Throw a pictorial and an intuitive storyteller into the mix, add love, passion & a hunger for adventure and you get "The Cabin Couple". Lies and Jean-Michel decided on traveling the world to explore magical places and share these with everyone. A creative duo dedicated to finding amazing stories and translating these into online treasures for you to enjoy.